Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reflection on Slicing

Recently we were asked to comment on our experience so far with slicing, and I forgot to. So I will comment now.

It isn't easy to think of something to write every day. I think about it periodically during the day, asking myself, could I write something about [whatever I'm doing at the time]? I also started keeping a list on my phone of things I could write about.

Interestingly, it has been the tiny moments of life that have turned into the best pieces. When I start with a big idea it's often not as interesting, and I think that is because I'm not revealing as much of myself in the post when, for example, I decide to write about a new writing project with my class.

It's a scary thing to reveal parts of yourself in writing. A young musician of my acquaintance said that "being an artist means being willing to stand on stage in front of thousands of people and share the deepest and most beautiful part of yourself." Writing is the same -- you are putting your writing - your thoughts, ideas, the way you express yourself - out for any number of people to read. You the writer are thinking, is this any good, will people like it, will it move anyone, and how much of myself should I put into this? But it won't be the best it can be unless you do put yourself into it.

And leads me to what an amazing community the Slicers are! I have tried to read a lot of different blogs so far and I'm so impressed - by the quality of writing, by the ideas, and by the sharing in the posts. I have laughed been moved, and gotten great ideas from everyone's blogs. And the comments I have gotten on my blog are so lovely! Though this is a very big group, and it's all online, I really do feel like I'm part of a wonderful, supportive community of writers. I feel like I know many of you now.

Last, the discipline of writing something everyday has been enlightening. I always tell my students they will become better writers by writing, and I always knew it was true. These 15 days have grown my writing in ways I didn't expect. I can't wait to see what happens in the next 15 days!


  1. Surprising and motivating to be part of this community, isn't it? I love reading how so many of us experience so many of the same things through the writing challenge! Yes and may the discoveries continue. SOL continues to be shared here on Tuesdays when March is over.

  2. You sure summed this experience up pretty well in my book! I am not sure if it's the discipline, the comments or the assurance that the more I write the better I write that keeps me coming back. Whatever the reason, the result is that I read great writing, like this, and feel inspired to get the many small and big challenges in my life through writing.