Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Last summer I went to the International Horn Symposium in LA. Yes, it was a whole week devoted to the French horn. If you are unsure which instrument this is, here is a picture:

While I was at the symposium, I went to concerts and lectures and saw films and much more. I also was shopping for a new horn case. The case that had come with my horn was falling apart. It was a backpack case and it was not comfortable to wear because of the straps which were held together with metal clips. So over four days, I visited the exhibits, looked at cases, and talked to the exhibitors. There is a lot of variety in horn cases, in size, how the horn fits into it, and how protective it is. And it is an investment. You can pay from around $500 up to several thousand dollars for a case.

One man stands out as being not only knowledgeable, but patient. I went back to talk to him probably seven or eight times over those four days. Each time he answered my questions, gave his opinions, which were always based on his extensive experience, and waited patiently. I decided, before I even decided which case to buy, that I would buy from him. When I finally made my choice, he happily wrote up the order, gave me free shipping (!), and congratulated me. The case came promptly and the longer I have it the more I like it. My cat also enjoys it when the horn isn't in it. 

I am grateful. So, this week I wrote a thank you to Scott Bacon, owner of Siegfried's Call in New York. If you're looking for horn products, check him out on the web. 

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