Friday, March 25, 2016

Grilling in the Snow

Yesterday it snowed here in the Chicago area. I know other areas got more than we did, but still, it's the end of March. It's been quite spring-like.

I had decided that I was going to grill chicken on the Weber. Early in the day it was raining, but not too heavy. Then it stopped -yay! I went out and bought the chicken, some potato salad, green beans.

Then it started to snow. Not a lot, but a heavy, wet snow. No problem, I said, I've grilled in snowy weather before, in fact I grilled when we were in the 20 degree range.

I went out to start the grill, which is a charcoal grill, not gas, and realized this was going to be more challenging than grilling in 20 degree weather when the snow is already laying quietly on the ground. And since it had been raining, there was an inch or more of water standing on the patio. Instant wet feet! The charcoal had to stay in the kitchen until I was ready to pour it. Cleaning out the grill, everything - grill top, interior, got wet. The grill really needs some cleaning, but not today!

I persevered. We use a charcoal chimney to start our fires, so I got that ready, newspaper in the bottom, charcoal on top, and lit it. Snow is still coming down, making the charcoal on top wet. Will it light? It did. But then, just to add to the problems, when I went to dump the glowing coals into the grill, the handle of the chimney broke off. Grrr.

I was a tiny fire, but it was enough to cook the chicken. Dinner was delicious. But, no more grilling during a snowfall.

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