Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In the dark

Today our power went out. I was at school and hoped it would be back on by the time I got home, but it wasn't. It's been extremely windy here today, so I'm guessing that the wind took out some power lines. It seemed so unfair because our sump pump went our a few days ago, and even though it's working again, our lower level is damp. Damp and dark now.

I made dinner in the ever encroaching gloom. I had to light the stove with matches. We ate by candlelight. I figured that I could still blog and comment on my fully-charged laptop, but oh no! the wireless was unavailable because the router uses electricity. Heavy sigh in the dark. And I couldn't read either! I have library books due tomorrow!

Several years ago our power was out for several days. It was summer, though, and it stayed light later. We cooked on the grill and kept buying ice to keep things cold. I don't remember missing the air conditioning, so it must have been early summer. Every night we made a fire in our fire pit and the four of us sat around it and talked. It was an unexpected gift, given to us by the lack of electricity. As soon as we had power again, we all went back to our normal activities. I still remember those few days fondly, without thinking about the lack of anything.

Tonight my husband and I were just discussing driving to a Starbucks in order to have internet and light, when the lights and everything else came back on! Thank you, Commonwealth Edison! I not only have power and internet enabling me to blog, but a timely topic!

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