Sunday, March 6, 2016

Shopping for fancy clothes

Today I went shopping for something to wear to my school's auction next Saturday. The auction is the biggest fundraiser of the year and it's a fancy evening with a sit-down dinner, silent auction and live auction. Teachers are expected to help at this event by doing various jobs. We also get the same lovely dinner that the guests get.

My life is mostly pretty casual. When I do go to an evening event in Chicago, it's winter and more important to stay warm and to not slip and fall than it is to wear evening dress. So after looking in my closet, I decided I needed to go to the mall to buy something that would raise my wardrobe into the fancy dinner category. Palazzo pants and a nice top, maybe sparkly.

The first stop was Macy's. I found the fancy evening wear section. It was mobbed by high school girls. What event could be coming up in March? Turn-about is in February and prom isn't until May.

In a few minutes of searching through the racks of clothes, I found palazzo pants. Looking some more, I found several sparkly tops. Off to the dressing rooms, where there were long lines and lots of giggling from the high school crowd. Finally in a room, I tried everything on, looking in the mirror, and decided on a pair of the palazzo pants and a two-piece top that included a black velvet tank and a black and gold sparkly jacket. Then off to stand in line to pay, behind someone with a fistful of coupons, having alooong discussion with the saleslady about which ones she could use. Finally finished, I went to find my husband and left the crowded mall.

Once home, I found that the saleslady hadn't removed the theft device from the pants. Grrrrr!!!! A trip back to the mall is in my future.


  1. There's hardly such a thing as a quick trip to the mall. Good luck when you go back to get that thing removed from your pants.

    And have a great time at your fancy dinner. I'm sure you'll look great!

    1. Thank you! My wonderful husband said he'll take it back to Macy's tomorrow.