Friday, March 10, 2017

Early morning = sleepy afternoon

My daughter is visiting from Houston. She's a musician, just about done with school, freelancing, and recently she won a position with the Houston Ballet orchestra as second horn. She was home for another audition and while she was here she wanted to record some music for another audition, for a summer festival she would like to go to. The question was, where to record. You need a resonant room without external noise.

My husband suggested the music room at the school where I teach, so I asked the choir teacher about the room. She said yes to using it, but Jamie would need to record when there were no students around either needing the room or making noise in the hall.

So we went to school at 6:15 this morning. We were the only ones there. There was almost no traffic outside to make noise. She was able to successfully record while I graded papers down the hall. I was happy to come so early to help her out, but I was sleepy the rest of the day. However, nothing wakes you up, at least briefly, like 4th graders expecting to learn.

I came home, still sleepy, and got to listen to the recording. Beautiful! (said the completely unbiased mother!)

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