Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Poem written while being tailgated

I went shopping at the big mall today, which meant taking the expressway for a few miles. I wrote this poem in my head while driving and then wrote it down in the parking lot.

Hovering so close behind
Swaying from side to side
Like a jackal ready to pounce
Looking for that opening,
Springing into action
Into the small space
Between your fellow travelers.

You will never find
Your heart's desire,
To be leader of the pack
On the open road.


  1. Wow! That is insightful and beautifully written. If I were to write a poem about traffic or those who tailgate, it would most likely have expletives. So, cheers to you for keeping it clean!!

    1. Thanks! I was actually quite calm, thinking about what made a person want to tailgate while driving at 55 mph!