Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snow, continued

Yesterday I wrote about the snow, but it turns out, that was only part one of our snow in Chicago. When I woke up this morning, there was another 6 inches or so and the streets had been plowed, but not completely. Fortunately I had woken up early because now I had to dig a car out.

Looking out the window at all the whiteness, I thought my son's car was on the driveway buried in snow. Oh no, I thought, I'll have to dig his car out, move it down our unshoveled driveway, park it somewhere, back my car out, park it, and then put Ben's car in the garage. This is easy when everything is dry, but now I had to consider whether a car would get stuck in the snow, watching for passing cars as I gunned it to avoid getting stuck, and where to leave one car while moving another?

So I was delighted when I went in the garage and found Ben's car in the garage. My lovely red car was unrecognizable under its coat of snow. I had to shovel around the car to get close enough to brush it off. Then I had to find the brush I thought I was done with until next winter. After brushing for what seemed like an hour but was probably 15 minutes, I was ready to go. I drove slowly on the snowy streets to make my way to school. On the way a warning light lit up on my dashboard - a symbol I didn't recognize. In the parking lot of school I looked it up in the car manual and found my tire pressure was low. Really? I had an oil change yesterday.

End of story, all my students were in attendance despite the weather and bad driving. I called our friendly neighborhood car repair place after school. They checked the tire pressure, which was fine, and reset the warning light.

Tomorrow will be easier, right?

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