Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow, Snow, Go Away

It's snowing here in Chicago. It started last night about 9 pm or so. I had just dropped my daughter off at Midway Airport, which is a heck of a long drive from my house, when it started. Just lightly, like maybe it wouldn't amount to anything, despite the predictions that it will continue into tomorrow, Tuesday! and dump 6 to 10 inches.

Drove back home, still nothing sticking. Woke up this morning to a white world. It was an in-service day to work on report cards, but I still had to go in to school. It snowed lightly all day. It is still snowing lightly, at 7 pm.

I wonder if my 4th graders will think of this as a bonus -- extra snow! Or if they'll wish it was warm and spring-like. I'll find out tomorrow.

Back to snow boots, mittens, and scarves, at least for a few days.

The view from my front door this morning. 


  1. I feel your pain! I am very ready for spring. Here is the blog post I wrote yesterday about the same thing...

  2. We didn't get as much as you guys in STL, but I was so sad to find my car covered in snow this morning. Can't wait for spring!

  3. You get school time to do report cards? Is an inservice day the same as a teachers workshop day for you? We will be getting the snow tomorrow in Maine! I have had enough of the snow here!