Monday, March 27, 2017

The Real First Day of Spring Break

Today was the real first day of spring break, because it's Monday and I didn't go to school. So what did I do? I'm a morning person, so I got up resolved to catch up on the many household things I had neglected.

First off I did a half hour of yoga. I had worked to make this a daily habit, but I caught three colds in a row and had stopped getting up early to do yoga. It felt really good to begin again, even if I was a bit stiff.

Then after breakfast, I started on my list. Laundry (okay, that's just an every week chore), cleaning, putting things away that had never made their way back to where they belonged, throwing stuff away! Then I went to Target to but many paper products, a new kitchen mop, and sponges. How exciting! I stopped for some bagels on the way home and I stopped at Goodwill to donate several bags and boxes of items we don't need.

After a bagel for lunch and a little more cleaning, off to an overdue doctor's appointment, followed by grocery shopping. Back home, I immediately began making one of our favorite dinner, banh mi.

After cleaning up I thought I'd just sit down and read for a little bit -- oh no! almost 2 hours later I realize that I really must stop and practice my horn before it gets so late that the neighbors will be unhappy. Why do books do that to us?


  1. I say stop all the chores and just read for the rest of spring break! :-)
    But, I know... then the list of chores piles up, and it isn't as relaxing any more...
    I love getting sucked away by a good book!

    1. It's very tempting to do just that! But things like taxes and dust don't go away on their own, sadly.

  2. Sounds like a good first day of vacation, despite the errands and the doctor's appointment. Enjoy your week off!