Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Music, Music, Music!

 Much of my time lately has been taken up with musical endeavors. When COVID first arrived all my music groups stopped. Without places to play, there is much less motivation to practice. I did a lot of listening instead of playing. And like any physical activity, if you stop, you get out of shape.

Before COVID I played in a band, an orchestra, and a (French) horn choir. Now everything is starting up again. My three regular groups are all rehearsing. In addition, my son's father-in-law asked if I would fill in in the band he conducts. In the interest of family harmony I said yes to helping out in one concert in November. And, I'm playing in a klezmer band for an upcoming holiday. Then I got asked if I would play in three operas! I turned it down - too much, including too much driving! 

Just recently a horn player friend invited me and a few others over to his house to play quartets. It was fun, both the playing and the interacting with friends. Now this friend has asked if we want to become an ongoing quartet, rehearsing regularly, playing concerts, and having a cool name. This was so tempting. I said yes. The quartet won't get together as often - maybe twice a month. And it looks like we'll have a break for wine and munchies. Who says classical musicians are straight-laced?

I feel both blessed by all these opportunities to play with good musicians and a little overwhelmed after sheltering in place for a long time. I wonder if others feel somewhat overwhelmed now as we all become more social and break out of our isolation.

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